William Goode’s Journal 2015 EU VAT tax update on how it affects Australian digital musicians and small businesses.

Well I have kindly been told by a person on Twitter after I left a message out there trying to confirm if the new European Union VAT tax would affect Australians and this is so, it does apply to anyone selling to an EU country from outside of the EU. Good old Twitter, quick responses too.

I also have this link to the European Commission Taxation and Customs Union which gives some really good information on the tax rules as they apply to the EU and outside sales to the EU.

I guess people have to remember it is digital suppliers this year but it is planned to include all sales next year.

I don’t know how this will affect Ebay, PayPal, Etsy etc etc. As I mentioned in my last post the online music service Bandcamp has already on their blog said they will look after the taxes admin. You can read their site for more information. Sites like Etsy have said they will not be looking after the tax for  consumers, mind you they have mainly non digital items. I guess we’ll see when it affects their business next year when all sales to the EU are affected.

Until I get more info…au revoir.

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