William Goodes Journal – Ukip What Next?

Nigel Farage fresh from his parties bi-election win in Clacton is certainly if not already moving UKIP into being the third force in UK politics. As parties in the past similiar to UKIP, we see Farage the leader with the image, the personality the person who has developed a connection with the public. Without Farage the charasmatic leader (to some), would there be a UKIP? Well yes there would but a third force probably not. Having said this the reality right now is quite different and UKIP has many many followers, disenchanted voters who firstly seem to have given up on the Tories and now are totally fed up with all the major parties.
The road back for the Conservative / Labour / Liberal parties is a long one. This time around one will scrape through at the next general election but what will the public be faced with at the following election. If Nigel Farage has his way, UKIP.
The public is sick to the core of austerity measures, cuts to disability, the market running social services, think G4S, Serco there. Cuts to health and welfare, pay rates that haven’t risen in real terms for years. The messages from the three major parties are both stale and dry. The public don’t really believe, they would like to but now are unable. Years of the major parties being on message has left a dire toll, the citizens aren’t listening but they are looking and there minds and eyes fall to UKIP, to Nigel Farage.

The industrial class have blown it once again and left the door open for the far right of politics to sneek in. The English version may seem tame to some but things change. Take a look at the French far right and the Greek Golden Dawn parties and others re-organising for their new world, our new world if we let them in.

William Goode’s Journal – Politicians Love A Legacy

When a major politician dies you are presented with obviously, a great amount of press to read. What the words remind me of is how cliched this whole political world is, how responding politicians and those affected by this person spill out the same old chestnuts either in praise or in vigorous outpourings of hate.

It also reminds me of how we seem to get a series of leaders who either want to run a country like they would a household or a business with little regard at times to the enormous worth that communities bring to a “state”. The politician presents as if they have just left school and their mums and dads (even though they do look older) and now wish to apply to the whole country what some parent or guru they have read and believed in (there is always belief) has passed on to them.

Are they qualified for the job? (who is), although many MP’s would say they are especially those that studied the popular interdisciplinary¬†undergraduate/graduate¬†degree (philosophy, politics and economics –¬†PPE) university courses. To be honest most of us really would not remember any positive legacies that our leaders have achieved, that is of course why they and their followers tell us so much about them in a hope that “a legacy” will stick with the population and their time in history will be preserved.

The disregard for the individual over the “success” of the “state” is lazy unstatesmanlike thinking and at best the work of a tryer”, a clumsy person.
The politician who lacks the ability to be inclusive is setting all and sundry and the “state” and its communities on a path to years of pain and suffering. One that can take a lifetime to turn around

I would not be cracking open bottles of champagne for any ones death, a life is too precious and if you do not like someone don’t let that be part of their “legacy”, turning you into someone you are not.

The world moves on to different eras, new generations with new people that no matter how well known or famous you were in your time will not remember you.

Maybe that is something that all politicians should think about at the start of their reign.

It is not about legacies, it is about the now.