William Goode’s Journal – A change of focus

This blog is changing focus, there will still be posts on recording and  music technology, however there’s been a great deal happening economically, socially and politically over the last two or three years and much to write about. The emphasis will now be on on  politics, art and music.

Picture of William Goode

William Goode

The Outer Blue Records and Publishing releases include music, poetry, pinhole photography and art, drawings and painting. This is the current bio.

Outer Blue is an independent record and publishing label founded by William Goode.
William Goode is an Australian poet, electronic and folk musician, pinhole camera photographer and painter. He has released and recorded music under the aliases Big Moth, Calum MacDonald,The Crime Poets, The Political Cellos and of course William Goode.

His recording output has included electronic/ambient techno, folk, avant garde/experimental, electric guitar driven songs and spoken word.

William Goode poetry crosses from the avant-garde L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E (language poetry) to “Dark”, “Haiku” and “Prose”.

Electronic art is considered a result of conceptual art and is connected closely to digital art, video art and electronic music.
Examples of William Goodes electronic art can be found at the William Goode website along with his paintings.  William Goode generally uses his own photography for his album and EP releases.

William Goode is a supporter of amateurism and uninhibited responsive artistic communication considering this as leading to more spontaneous and authentic art.
Amateurism is not just considered in monetery  terms or as a measure of professionalism but as a way of thinking, of how art is undertaken, the act of the performance, the doing and the making being more or at least equally as important as the actual finished work.

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