William Goodes Journal – Ian Duncan Smith and “aspiration”

British conservative MP and currently Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith says “Aspiration, it seems, is in danger of becoming the preserve of the wealthy” ironically this is about all that i can agree with him on, although where the “aspirational class” sits and who they are in a society is not easy to see.
The erosion of the middle classes is well and truly in motion, if you are from the aspirational class your enduring belief in social mobility will be severly dented in the coming years. The other irony is that in a more equal society everyone is likely to fair better, including the “aspirational class”.
By not raising taxes for the rich and cutting welfare for the less fortunate the end result could be higher crime rates, lower educational standards and the usual suspects in the social ills catalogue.
But then i would imagine Iain Duncan Smith already knows this.

William Goode’s Journal – Coal Seam Gas Industry At It Again

It looks like we’ve entered an even more blatant area of lying. To catch the advantage politicians and businesses, who we wonder about at the best of times, are using blatant lies to attempt to fool the public. The Coal Seam Gas Industry are putting a new add out to convince the public of their worth. This is what “Get Up” has found out.

You can register your own advice to the The Coal Seam Gas Industry here.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment – the CSG industry’s just been caught blatantly lying about the safety of coal seam gas mining by Australia’s peak scientific body, the CSIRO.

Part of a new multi-million dollar advertising campaign, the offending ad says: ‘CSIRO and government studies have shown that groundwater is safe with coal seam gas’. But that’s a lie and the CSIRO flatly rejects it. They issued this sharp rebuke to APPEA, the CSG lobby group running the ad:

“At no time has CSIRO made such a statement, and nor do the results of CSIRO research support such a statement. CSIRO has stated on the public record that coal seam gas extraction is likely to pose a ‘low risk’ to groundwater quality through contamination. CSIRO has also indicated that groundwater levels will fall as a consequence of coal seam gas extraction. In some places this could see aquifer levels subside by tens of metres for tens of years; in others it is likely to reduce aquifer levels by several metres for several hundred years.” [1]

APPEA has dismissively stated they have “taken CSIRO’s comments on board”[2] as they develop a plan to reach as many Australians as possible with the new campaign. The recklessness of saying CSG is safe when Australian lives, land and water are at risk is outrageous”.

[1] ‘CSIRO rejects claims made by APPEA regarding groundwater and coal seam gas’. CSIRO Press Release, 4 September, 2012.
[2] Rick Wilkinson, Twitter.com, 4 September, 2012.