William Goodes Journal- Disaster Capitalism

What are some handy management skills?

Well, one skill that some multinational management teams (or whoever takes this path can do) is to know how to make a packet when disaster strikes, during someone else’s disaster of course. There is an actual term for it politically it’s called “disaster capitalism”.

Small organisations should they be inclined and capable of a watered down version, can do this too. The bigger private corporations who have the skills and resources become involved with aid agencies who gather the funds. Then the multinational corporations use their experience to distribute and organise the $’s, of course.

The honeymoon doesn’t last long for the population involved in the disaster. The money given by citizens from around the world is ear marked into going into capital expenditure for the private contractors.

We as ordinary citizens are way behind (or should I say wouldn’t go there ethically) in what some people are capable of to make big bikkies.

Chasing the dollar is what it is all about. There are some real charmers in this world.

Here is a real world example from the Age yesterday concerning aceh.

William Goodes Journal – Ukip What Next?

Nigel Farage fresh from his parties bi-election win in Clacton is certainly if not already moving UKIP into being the third force in UK politics. As parties in the past similiar to UKIP, we see Farage the leader with the image, the personality the person who has developed a connection with the public. Without Farage the charasmatic leader (to some), would there be a UKIP? Well yes there would but a third force probably not. Having said this the reality right now is quite different and UKIP has many many followers, disenchanted voters who firstly seem to have given up on the Tories and now are totally fed up with all the major parties.
The road back for the Conservative / Labour / Liberal parties is a long one. This time around one will scrape through at the next general election but what will the public be faced with at the following election. If Nigel Farage has his way, UKIP.
The public is sick to the core of austerity measures, cuts to disability, the market running social services, think G4S, Serco there. Cuts to health and welfare, pay rates that haven’t risen in real terms for years. The messages from the three major parties are both stale and dry. The public don’t really believe, they would like to but now are unable. Years of the major parties being on message has left a dire toll, the citizens aren’t listening but they are looking and there minds and eyes fall to UKIP, to Nigel Farage.

The industrial class have blown it once again and left the door open for the far right of politics to sneek in. The English version may seem tame to some but things change. Take a look at the French far right and the Greek Golden Dawn parties and others re-organising for their new world, our new world if we let them in.

William Goodes Journal – Ian Duncan Smith and “aspiration”

British conservative MP and currently Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith says “Aspiration, it seems, is in danger of becoming the preserve of the wealthy” ironically this is about all that i can agree with him on, although where the “aspirational class” sits and who they are in a society is not easy to see.
The erosion of the middle classes is well and truly in motion, if you are from the aspirational class your enduring belief in social mobility will be severly dented in the coming years. The other irony is that in a more equal society everyone is likely to fair better, including the “aspirational class”.
By not raising taxes for the rich and cutting welfare for the less fortunate the end result could be higher crime rates, lower educational standards and the usual suspects in the social ills catalogue.
But then i would imagine Iain Duncan Smith already knows this.

William Goode’s Journal-A Private Health Insurance Alternative You Already Pay For.

This is a based on comments I made in the Guardian newspaper on the 11/5/13. Based on an article by Deborah Orr titled:
“As someone who uses alcohol as a prop myself, I can see there’s a problem”.

I had a reply which I commented on and I have combined both for this post. The reply had the effect of inspiring a few more thoughts about this subject for me. I have added italics for where I have changed/added content.

The initial comment was on one aspect of the article:

“you can only ever say that it’s your own business and nobody else’s if you’ve taken out private health insurance”

I don’t think people should distinguish between a health system run by a government and a private company.
A person should not be sitting in a waiting room of a government health system feeling they have received this care for free. They haven’t, because just like a so called “private health system” they have paid a fair amount of money out of taxes to pay for this care over many years. The real cost to a citizen out of their taxes might well be higher than the cost of a so called “private system”.

This furphy that you are not in a “paid by you” system because you are using the NHS or whatever your countries government health service has been called is outdated thinking and a form of manipulative rhetoric by certain groups in society.

What you are in, in a government system is a holding pattern regarding waiting lists and choice of medical practitioner. The argument is always about service. The government health system is chipping away at what you have rightly paid for out of your taxes. Private health services may not even cover all your care costs without you putting in extra funds again from your own pocket.

Now you may by now be getting my point here and that is that both government and private health care are funded out of your pocket.

Because you pay for a government health system you are basically funding an alternate version of private health. The pros and cons of each system have nothing to do with both still being a health service under capitalism funded by individuals who use them.
There is no welfare component, only in rhetoric.

Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes.
This is capitalism and you pay for whatever health care you receive out of your own pocket.
You are not receiving some component of welfare when using the public health system.
It is already in a practical sense, privatised. Selling a government health system is only ideological illusionary book keeping under the guise of efficiency.
We all know where the profits from efficiency go these days.

My overall point is that people should not perceive the two systems as being anything but two different products under a capitalist system.

You can (my original in the reply was “we could”) nit pick all day on whether a private health scheme is at bottom only an insurance product whereas the government scheme isn’t. Depending on a persons politics there is bound to be an ideological bent to this issue. That’s only natural.

How / why either health service receives your / our money (and the public system isn’t just used by the poor by the way) is neither here nor there. If you are paying money under a capitalist system that goes towards a health system, you are paying money. Now if you wish to say that when you get a service back from that system (who you have paid money to via taxes from your job) that that service is welfare then that is up to the individual. I won’t be thinking or saying it.

For me, I pay money for health care, it comes via (lets use insurance terms here) a broker, who happens to be the government.

I live and vote in a capitalist system and consider a service I receive back as something I have paid for under capitalism.

The government health system may or may not be (I don’t have any research but people pay a great deal of tax) a cheaper system for poorer people or people who do not wish to pay “twice” for health care, that is all.
Under capitalism that is good if people have managed to find cheaper health care, that is part of a market system is it not?

It’s not as complex as political rhetoric would have it seem.
This pretense that a major ideology (whatever it is) isn’t the over riding presence that governs the way we live is unusual thinking.

All else right and left politically tends to be coloured oratory.
Capitalism is about money and paying,  that is what you do whether private enterprise or government comes calling.


William Goode’s Journal – Politicians Love A Legacy

When a major politician dies you are presented with obviously, a great amount of press to read. What the words remind me of is how cliched this whole political world is, how responding politicians and those affected by this person spill out the same old chestnuts either in praise or in vigorous outpourings of hate.

It also reminds me of how we seem to get a series of leaders who either want to run a country like they would a household or a business with little regard at times to the enormous worth that communities bring to a “state”. The politician presents as if they have just left school and their mums and dads (even though they do look older) and now wish to apply to the whole country what some parent or guru they have read and believed in (there is always belief) has passed on to them.

Are they qualified for the job? (who is), although many MP’s would say they are especially those that studied the popular interdisciplinary undergraduate/graduate degree (philosophy, politics and economics – PPE) university courses. To be honest most of us really would not remember any positive legacies that our leaders have achieved, that is of course why they and their followers tell us so much about them in a hope that “a legacy” will stick with the population and their time in history will be preserved.

The disregard for the individual over the “success” of the “state” is lazy unstatesmanlike thinking and at best the work of a tryer”, a clumsy person.
The politician who lacks the ability to be inclusive is setting all and sundry and the “state” and its communities on a path to years of pain and suffering. One that can take a lifetime to turn around

I would not be cracking open bottles of champagne for any ones death, a life is too precious and if you do not like someone don’t let that be part of their “legacy”, turning you into someone you are not.

The world moves on to different eras, new generations with new people that no matter how well known or famous you were in your time will not remember you.

Maybe that is something that all politicians should think about at the start of their reign.

It is not about legacies, it is about the now.

William Goode’s Journal – Benjamin Netanyahu Does Not Give The Nazi Salute

This is a bit of an old one but finally i’m getting around to discussing it.

On Thursday Sept. 27, 2012 the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the United Nations General Assembly. I did discuss his speech in this blog of mine last year where he also discussed political “red lines”.

A misleading photo of Benjamin Netanyahu

A misleading photo of Benjamin Netanyahu at his United Nations address.

There were many photographs taken but these few were shown around the world quite mischiefly. It does look like Netanyahu is giving the Nazi salute. It may suit those who are in opposition to Israel (and I’m not a big fan of many governments and their actions) to ramble on as if this is the case, but really? as if he would. Amongst ourselves as citizens, we need to maintain some kind of sensible thinking even if the politicians and in this case the editors of the press around us don’t.

Now the photos may look like the Nazi salute. He extends his “left arm” remember that, as if in a Heil Hitler mode. Here is another one.

Another unfortunate shot of Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations

Another unfortunate shot of Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations.

Here is a more standard photo at the same address he made:

A more straight forward shot of  Benjamin Netanyahu at the same address.

A more straight forward shot of Benjamin Netanyahu at his United Nations address


And another:

Once agian a more standard shot of  Benjamin Netanyahu's address at the United Nations

Once again a more standard shot of Benjamin Netanyahu’s address at the United Nations

It is so easy to set a person up via a press photo. I guess the imagery looks connected but it really is quite an impish thing to do. It’s aimed at manipulating us “the citizens” into a particular way of thinking, not nice. You are the one being influenced. Did you ever think sitting in your suburban home, wherever you are, that an image of Benjamin Netanyahu would be stage managed to influence you? You are more important than you think.

Talking about manipulation and control, in Nazi Germany it was the right hand that was used for the “Nazi” salute NOT the left. Benjamin Netanyahu is definately not giving the Nazi salute technically or in any other fashion (emotionally or intentionally).

During the Nazi era German citizens when close up to a person had to either say “Heil Hitler” or “Heil”, if at a distance the salute itself was appropriate.

Full of protocols the Nazis, that should have put most people of the ideology for starters and it probably did for a great many.

There is an oddity in the “Nazi salute”, if you had a disability that prevented you using your right hand you were allowed to use your left, very nice and understanding of them.

Getting back to Benjamin Netanyahu, I feel quite positive in saying that he was not giving the Nazi salute and I doubt he has a problem with his right hand which given his tendancy to the right wing of Israeli politics (although there are far more right thinkers then he is on the rise in Israel) would have been an irony.

Just for interests sake if you are keen here are the results for the 2013 Israeli elections.

William Goode’s Journal – Radiohead, David Cameron And Capitalism.

a picture of radioheads thom yorke

Thom Yorke-His songs are not to be used by the Conservative party.

This was a comment I made in the Guardian regarding Radioheads Thom Yorke who is talking about suing British Prime Minister David Cameron if the Conservative party use his music.

This is the Article

As an artist/musician it would be a luxury for me to choose who likes and doesn’t like my art.
I’m not prepared to censor anyone who would care to look, read or listen to my work. However I agree it would rankle to have a political party who you don’t particularly warm to associate themselves with your art.

It’s a complex business politics whether you are a Conservative/Labour or Liberal politician you are still dishing out Western Industrialist Capitalism (in our world anyways).
At the end of the day the difference between the parties is more a matter of what people aspire to (for some reason). The policies that are put in place by the parties (as opposed to the rhetoric we are told prior to an election) look and become very similiar.

a picture of David cameron british prime minister

David Cameron – Surely he’s allowed to like and enjoy Radiohead? – yes, but not have their music in conservative party promotions..It’s a complex world.

Still we do like to take sides before we head to that polling booth and vote for not the Conservatives/Labour or Liberals but Western Industrialist Capitalism.

There is only ever one ideology.

I’m adding for the record – “There is only ever one ideology” —there is of course more than one ideology floating around this planet of ours but governments usually form just the one at a time, like it or lump it.

To be fair to the two subjects in this post I attempted to acquire two pictures of the men in question looking straight at camera. This was the best I could do. A fair job…


William Goode’s Journal – Bradley Manning, The US Government and State Secrets

This was my comment to an article in the Guardian on 6/12/12.

william goode bradley manning facebook

Bradley Manning – we ask once again, should he take all the blame?

Fill a room up with old newspapers that you hope to read one day and you’re pretty soon going to end up with a mess.

The theory is the same except this room is full of computers.

I doubt the the US governments treatment of Bradley Manning (and should they manage to get hold of Julian Assange and do a similiar thing with him) will stop the room being filled.

Citizens are no longer influenced by major trials and their outcomes, we have our own social media that pretty much runs the way we think. The Wikileak leaks could have been dangerous but even Wikileak is like a government, full of information but little of it not already available from other internet sources if you really care to delve, and a lot don’t.

william goode julian assange wikileaks

Julian Assange, will he be extradited to the US ?

The idea that security information can be leaked is more of an embarrassment to governments than a major problem. The majority of citizens are not going to make much use of the information and those with dodgy intent already know what they know.

Governments are always going to set the current ideology but the populace will increasingly judge their politicians on their administrative skills not their ideological skills. The current lapses in database security (not just the US but world wide) are of major national concern to all citizens.

The US government hides nothing when they bring, from what appears a slightly disturbed man in Bradley Manning to trial.

He has become a casualty from the Wikileak action and will now be collateral damage to the US government.

There will always be secrets that should be kept secret in the national interest. I know not all agree but watching your football with a barbecue in peace requires pretty elaborate work by some.

The problem of course starts when that “some” cross personal interest with national interest and decide that in place of a better administrative position (or other less moral intentions), lock up indefinately a citizen that all of us are increasingly becoming aware (thanks to lengthy worn out procedures that allow for endless social media discussions), is not the major bad guy in all of this.

The individual rarely is totally the only one to blame, there is generally faulty administration lurking in there somewhere, you just need to look deeper and thoroughly.

As one famous U.S. President (Harry S. Truman) said “the buck stops here”.