William Goode’s Journal – Kevin Ayers

It is with great sadness that I found out of the passing of Kevin Ayers at the age of 68. I’m not going to write a lot as there is plenty to be read on the web written by people who knew him and had interviewed him. However I felt his passing should be remembered. I feel his position in the world of music especially UK music had been a little forgotten, as many like him are. I know many people admired his talent and how he lived his musical life in his own way.

william goode kevin ayers picture

Kevin Ayers

I first new of Kevin Ayers the same as many did through Soft Machine who chose their band name from the book by Willam S Burroughs “The Soft machine”. Apparently band member Daevid Allen, an Australian knew William S Burroughs and rang him and asked him for his permission. Obviously given.

Soft Machine were one of the most influential bands ever and part of the “Canterbury Scene” which included other great bands including Caravan, Gong, Hatfield and North, Egg and Matching Mole, there were many more.

a picture of the band soft machine

The influential band Soft Machine

Kevin Ayers was a founding member of Soft Machine for only their first album and felt the jazzy and extended solos direction they wished to go in didn’t suit him and so he left for a solo and collaboration career. He went on to record many solo albums the first being Joy Of A Toy and his last The Unfairground.

Picture of kevin ayers

Kevin Ayers

Kevin Ayers ultimately ended up living in France in the lovely village of Montolieu.

He will be remembered as a key figure in the British Prog/Psychedelia scene and of course as one of the great British songwriters.

Kevin Ayers time recording for the Harvest label included working with Mike Oldfield and Robert Wyatt (Wyatt was a Soft Machine member) along with other great musicians such as David Bedford and Lol Coxhill (both Bedford and Coxhill recorded for John Peels Dandelion label for a short time. The Dandelion label is another interesting story).

Picture of a Kevin Ayers album

Kevin Ayers at one stage recorded for the Harvest record label.

In one interview Kevin Ayers says “I think you have to have a bit missing upstairs, or just be hungry for fame and money, to play the industry game. I’m not very good at it.”

That kind of sums up his attitude to the music business and who can disagree with him.

He was a consumate artist who wasn’t prepared to sacrifice his ideal of what his music should be just to be part of a business he couldn’t quite believe in. You can only admire him for that.

He has left us all a wealth of music and the world is a better place for it.

A picture of a younger Kevin Ayers

The young Kevin Ayers


William Goode’s Journal – Listening To Kraftwerk – The Robots

Kraftwerk have started a residency/art shows at the “Tate” in London. They are performing eight albums, one each night and then followed by (if you can call this by Kraftwerk) a hits collection which is basically the well known tracks in no particular order of presence and arrangement within the show.

Kraftwerk one of the most influential and amazing group of musicians to ever exist (in my humble opinion.

From all reports there first show performing “Autobahn” was magnificent.
Enjoy “The Robots”.

William Goode Hotel EP out now on Outer Blue Records.


William Goode Hotel EP

This is the front cover of the new William Goode And The Crime Poets EP “Hotel”

Hi folks,

This is a new EP “Hotel” lovingly recorded and mastered at Highgate. I hope you enjoy the music.

You can listen to the tracks and name your own price at Bandcamp.

It’s a little rockier than earlier William Goode / Calum MacDonald recordings it was time to bring out the electric guitar and add a few notes.

There is however another Calum MacDonald folk EP in the pipeworks which will be out later this year, before that though the next William Goode And The Crime Poets EP “Alien In My Boot” will be released on Outer Blue Records.

William Goode And The Crime Poets Hotel EP

It’s been a productive few weeks.

All the best.


William Goode’s Journal – Do You Think You Can Yodel? Well Think Again!

Franzl Lang should you enjoy yodeling, has to be a champion. According to Wikipedia  “he is known as one of the most famous yodelers to have ever lived”. Believe it.

Again according to Wikipedia ‘Einen Jodler hör i gern’, “on YouTube is widely known as the best thing ever”

You be the yodeling judge.