William Goode’s Journal – Bradley Manning-Should he take all the blame?

This was my comment to an article in the Guardian on 30/11/12 regarding Bradley Manning.


william goode bradley manning

Bradley Manning looking at a long sentence but is it all his fault?

One of the things that always stands out here to the general populace is the lax administration by the US government of the publically owned security files via the armed forces.

I’m sure the government would like Bradley Manning (there will be many more over the years) to be the focus but increasingly the public worries more about their countries secure data.

No one expects governments, anywhere in the world to be super efficient. We know government is a laborious and slowly moving vehicle that like a liner will never ever be up to the pace of the general population. It’s employees and politicians are all unfortunately caught in this pool, in positions that thankfully most of us aren’t in.
Increasingly governments in the world will be on the back foot, their model being tied to a system that to put it simply has no pace.

To expect a population to really accept that one man Bradley Manning is to blame is once again an example of a government (who ever is running it, I doubt it will change with another party as they are running the same system) that is lurking in the past.

Is it possible for governments to ever catch up? will they always be forced through their own lack of vitality and ability to imprison people in small cells and carry out what amounts to torture to correct administrative security inadequacies?

Well the answer to this thanks to the US government awakening the population to this extremly poor administrative tendancy is yes. We know they are concentrating on the man and not the system.

The security laws in this case look very much like a cover for poor clerical and administrative management.