William Goodes Journal – Our politicians and security services achieve the impossible.

This was another comment of mine in relation to this article in the Guardian UK.
The article relates to how easily we all give our private information away without a thought for what happens to it in the future. There is a horizon and we are heading towards it, the reckoning day when our privacy will be used possibly against us, unlike now where we don’t feel, notice or care, I have a feeling we will one day. At bottom an individuals private information can become of use politically, is it a matter of time?
You may feel George Orwells 1984 has come and gone and it wasn’t too bad, has it come yet?

This is my comment in the Guardian UK.

“Our current crop of politicians/security services whoever, deserve the 10,200 pounds themselves right now. They have managed to accomplish what one would think is the impossible and that is too:
1. Get a whole pile of citizens to vote for policies that are not in their own interest whatsoever and:
2. Hand over all their private, confidential (you might say classified) information willy nilly to governments and business without a care in the world.

Now that is an outstanding achievment.”

William Goodes Journal – UK Disability Support Workers and Zero Hours

This comment of mine was in relation to an article in the UK Guardian concerning carers of people with a disability in the UK.
My concern is that we don’t head this way (zero hours) once the DisablityCare Australia scheme commences affecting care for people with a disability and lowering wages and conditions of carers and other support staff. There was an intention, I don’t know where this has now gone, of introducing support work as a profession. This would ensure a better standard of pay and conditions for staff and in turn relate to a better standard of care for people with a disability.

This is my comment in the Guardian UK.

“There are people (and a great many of us aren’t like this I know) who consider people with a disability as second class citizens and by default they also consider anyone who works with them as second class as well. ie: they only deserve poor wages and conditions.

This is the bastadry of lifes cards that some people are dealt.

Any one of us is only a serious accident away from having a life long disability. There is nothing to be cocky about when you are a walking success story in one of our societies.

At bottom humility and empathy is the only currency that matters.”