William Goode Alien In My Boot EP Out Now On Outer Blue Records.

a picture of the william goode ep alien in my boot

Front cover of the new William Goode and The Crime Poets EP.

a picture of the william goode ep alien in my boot

Back cover of the new William Goode and The Crime Poets EP with tracklist.

Recorded around the same time as the “Hotel” EP but “Alien In My Boot” is a heavier concept. I really did get the indie heavy guitar out for this one. I hope you enjoy it.

You can listen to the tracks and name your own price at Bandcamp.

I like the Bandcamp concept you really don’t have to pay if you don’t wish to.

You can find however my other releases on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby plus other download sites.

There’s a few Calum MacDonald indie folk releases amongst them. I’ll be releasing new Calum MacDonald songs later this year.

William Goode’s Journal – Bradley Manning The Case Continues.

william goodes journal bradley manning photo

Bradley Manning is the one on the right, the tidier dresser. Although this web pic looks a bit, size wise, awkward shall we say.

This was another comment I made in the Guardian regarding the Bradley Manning case.

This is the Article

I think most recognise that leaking classified documents is not in a countries national interests. We rely on our spy masters/politicians/judiciary to be responsible people in relation to the tasks they perform for us, we are clerks, salesman, lawyers etc and are busy, they work for us.

Whether you agree about a person leaking classified documents or not the accused in these well publicised trials starts to take a backseat.

What is on trial here now is the US legal system. I would hope they would “do the right thing” because what democracy doesn’t need now is another knock on the head, another opening left for the public to view politics and the legal with even more cynicism.

I don’t think any of us want to be stuck in a small room and effectively tortured as Bradley Manning is. We get it, it’s us and other soldiers you’re trying to get your message across to. Give him a sentence but an appropriate and fair one.

We promise not to leak classified material….Oh and don’t go down the confining Assange track, you’ll really lose us all then.

William Goode’s Journal – Radiohead, David Cameron And Capitalism.

a picture of radioheads thom yorke

Thom Yorke-His songs are not to be used by the Conservative party.

This was a comment I made in the Guardian regarding Radioheads Thom Yorke who is talking about suing British Prime Minister David Cameron if the Conservative party use his music.

This is the Article

As an artist/musician it would be a luxury for me to choose who likes and doesn’t like my art.
I’m not prepared to censor anyone who would care to look, read or listen to my work. However I agree it would rankle to have a political party who you don’t particularly warm to associate themselves with your art.

It’s a complex business politics whether you are a Conservative/Labour or Liberal politician you are still dishing out Western Industrialist Capitalism (in our world anyways).
At the end of the day the difference between the parties is more a matter of what people aspire to (for some reason). The policies that are put in place by the parties (as opposed to the rhetoric we are told prior to an election) look and become very similiar.

a picture of David cameron british prime minister

David Cameron – Surely he’s allowed to like and enjoy Radiohead? – yes, but not have their music in conservative party promotions..It’s a complex world.

Still we do like to take sides before we head to that polling booth and vote for not the Conservatives/Labour or Liberals but Western Industrialist Capitalism.

There is only ever one ideology.

I’m adding for the record – “There is only ever one ideology” —there is of course more than one ideology floating around this planet of ours but governments usually form just the one at a time, like it or lump it.

To be fair to the two subjects in this post I attempted to acquire two pictures of the men in question looking straight at camera. This was the best I could do. A fair job…


William Goode Hotel EP out now on Outer Blue Records.


William Goode Hotel EP

This is the front cover of the new William Goode And The Crime Poets EP “Hotel”

Hi folks,

This is a new EP “Hotel” lovingly recorded and mastered at Highgate. I hope you enjoy the music.

You can listen to the tracks and name your own price at Bandcamp.

It’s a little rockier than earlier William Goode / Calum MacDonald recordings it was time to bring out the electric guitar and add a few notes.

There is however another Calum MacDonald folk EP in the pipeworks which will be out later this year, before that though the next William Goode And The Crime Poets EP “Alien In My Boot” will be released on Outer Blue Records.

William Goode And The Crime Poets Hotel EP

It’s been a productive few weeks.

All the best.