William Goode’s Journal – William Goode And Big Moth New EP – Scientific

william goode scientific front cover

This is the front cover art for the new William Goode And Big Moth EP “Scientific”

Once again Goode / Moth have pulled together quite a few electronic sounds this time in EP form. If you like electronic/techno avant garde this may appeal. I had a lot of enjoyment writing, recording and putting these tracks together as i usually do.

The EP is available only as a download from Bandcamp. You can name your own price.

william goode scientific inside cover

This is the inside cover artwork and track list for the “Scientific” EP.

I hope you enjoy this latest WG and Big Moth release.

You can find more of my releases at Outer Blue Records And Publishing.

Have a great and safe New Year folks.

All the best.



William Goode’s Journal – The Art Of William Goode

william goode man in a blue jacket acrylic

Man In A Blue Jacket – Acrylic painting

A few recent works, acrylics and electronic drawings.

william goode pink flowers on a blue background

Pink Flowers on a Blue Background – Acrylic painting

This is the cover of the new William Goode and Big Moth EP “Scientific” available for download from Bandcamp. It is the original acrylic painting I did before the cover text was added digitally.

william goode river flowing through green hills

River Flowing Through Green Hills – Acrylic painting.

william goode well electronic art

Electronic art – “Well”

William Goode "Heady"

Electronic art “Heady”

Well I hope you enjoyed the art as much as I did creating it.

All the best.



William Goode’s Journal – Naomi Wolf checks out the Drones

William Goode Drone

A drone as used by the US airforce overseas.

This is an article in todays Guardian (fri 21/12/12) by Naomi Wolf. It was always quite likely that drones once used overseas in combat would be drafted for use in the civil arena. If it is invented for war it will eventually end up close to you as a citizen. I say close to you and not used against you, well hopefully.

This is a good article and one I thought I’d share.

Naomi Wolf talks about domestic drone use, the numbers are staggering. If nothing else wait for the crashes. (That was my view not Naomi Wolfs).

William Goode’s Journal – Brendan Chilcutts Museum of Endangered Sounds

I was put onto this site by a friend of mine. It is seriously worth a look and at the same time a lot of fun and may just bring a few memories back. Brendan Chilcutt is collecting sounds that are now almost extinct. Have a listen, you will remember most of them. Nice graphics too, this is a site I’ll be visiting regularily. Oh and i love the fact that you can play them all at the same time should you wish, seriously interesting.

This is text from Brendan Chilcutts site:

The Museum Of Endangered Sounds is owned and operated by me, Brendan Chilcutt (handle: kidpeleus99@aol.com).

I launched the site in January of 2012 as a way to preserve the sounds made famous by my favorite old technologies and electronics equipment. For instance, the textured rattle and hum of a VHS tape being sucked into the womb of a 1983 JVC HR-7100 VCR. As you probably know, it’s a wonderfully complex sound, subtle yet unfiltered. But, as streaming playback becomes more common in the US, and as people in developing nations like Canada and the UK get brought up to DVD players, it’s likely that the world will have seen and heard the last of older machines like the HR-7100. And as new products come to market, we stand to lose much more than VCRs.

Imagine a world where we never again hear the symphonic startup of a Windows 95 machine. Imagine generations of children unacquainted with the chattering of angels lodged deep within the recesses of an old cathode ray tube TV. And when the entire world has adopted devices with sleek, silent touch interfaces, where will we turn for the sound of fingers striking QWERTY keypads? Tell me that. And tell me: Who will play my GameBoy when I’m gone?

These questions and more led me to the undertaking that is The Museum Of Endangered Sounds.

My ten-year plan is to complete the data collection phase by the year 2015, and spend the next seven years developing the proper markup language to reinterpret the sounds as a binary composition.

If you don’t understand my passion and the significance of my work, you probably never will. But if you do, then you’ve come to the right place.

And please, please email me if you enjoy the museum or have any questions! I love to hear from people and need to know what gadget sounds I am missing.

Thank you!

William Goode’s Journal – Bradley Manning, The US Government and State Secrets

This was my comment to an article in the Guardian on 6/12/12.

william goode bradley manning facebook

Bradley Manning – we ask once again, should he take all the blame?

Fill a room up with old newspapers that you hope to read one day and you’re pretty soon going to end up with a mess.

The theory is the same except this room is full of computers.

I doubt the the US governments treatment of Bradley Manning (and should they manage to get hold of Julian Assange and do a similiar thing with him) will stop the room being filled.

Citizens are no longer influenced by major trials and their outcomes, we have our own social media that pretty much runs the way we think. The Wikileak leaks could have been dangerous but even Wikileak is like a government, full of information but little of it not already available from other internet sources if you really care to delve, and a lot don’t.

william goode julian assange wikileaks

Julian Assange, will he be extradited to the US ?

The idea that security information can be leaked is more of an embarrassment to governments than a major problem. The majority of citizens are not going to make much use of the information and those with dodgy intent already know what they know.

Governments are always going to set the current ideology but the populace will increasingly judge their politicians on their administrative skills not their ideological skills. The current lapses in database security (not just the US but world wide) are of major national concern to all citizens.

The US government hides nothing when they bring, from what appears a slightly disturbed man in Bradley Manning to trial.

He has become a casualty from the Wikileak action and will now be collateral damage to the US government.

There will always be secrets that should be kept secret in the national interest. I know not all agree but watching your football with a barbecue in peace requires pretty elaborate work by some.

The problem of course starts when that “some” cross personal interest with national interest and decide that in place of a better administrative position (or other less moral intentions), lock up indefinately a citizen that all of us are increasingly becoming aware (thanks to lengthy worn out procedures that allow for endless social media discussions), is not the major bad guy in all of this.

The individual rarely is totally the only one to blame, there is generally faulty administration lurking in there somewhere, you just need to look deeper and thoroughly.

As one famous U.S. President (Harry S. Truman) said “the buck stops here”.

William Goode’s Journal – Do You Think You Can Yodel? Well Think Again!

Franzl Lang should you enjoy yodeling, has to be a champion. According to Wikipedia  “he is known as one of the most famous yodelers to have ever lived”. Believe it.

Again according to Wikipedia ‘Einen Jodler hör i gern’, “on YouTube is widely known as the best thing ever”

You be the yodeling judge.

William Goode’s Journal – The Leveson Inquiry One Of Many Over The Years

This was my comment to an article in the Guardian on the 30 11 12

william goode hugh grant

Hugh Grant one of many celebrities who spoke at the Leveson inquiry.

Once again another inquiry into the press, one of many over the years.

The Leveson inquiry looks to be a careful and thorough report and yet politicians on both sides
still appear adverse to having press regulation debating on about press freedom and the rights of the individual,
always good sentiments to bring out when attempting to get the public onside.
The truth is politicians have had a cosy relationship with press magnates for decades and i doubt politicians
know how to obtain power and influence without the press onside. Their political model it might be said requires
a cosy system such as this, one that has been in place to the detrement of the populace for many years.
This model means being in a close relationship and all participants sticking to the “i didn’t know” and “I wasn’t told” routine should an inquiry rear it’s ugly head (ugly for them), attempting to be on the side of legality.
It’s a world where everyone knows what should be done without actually being told, what a marvellously convenient practice. It has worked well for them.
It has taken decades to build up and it is a very comfortable, albeit with headaches here and there for both sides, liason.

One reality may be that without positive press spin a great many of our politicians would look very ordinary indeed and I doubt many would rise beyond local party level without serious help.

If combat is what politics is about at bottom level, a fight to decide who the best person is to lead, then the cosy press relationship that canny “ordinary politicians” use to gain power should end.
A more level playing field for the really more talented and social conscious politician to shine is what is strongly required for a braver and more governing for all type of politician to shine. Having the press help certain people into power is the political equivalent of “steroids for athletes”.

I agree with what this article has pointed out and i don’t know if the press quite realise this but the press do have only themselves to blame for the statutory controls that are being talked about, the public are seriously fed up with this and many other things.

Of course what happens in all of these types of things is that the person in the street who has been violated illegally tends to be forgotten in the rush by the powerful to regain control of their position, in their bid to regain their status quo.

Similarly in the Savile case we are told endlessly about how the effects on the institution, the BBC, will be enormous. Well yes and so it should be. In both cases you can here the scurrying, the correcting and balancing from the establishment going on behind the scenes, it’s that loud, the person in the street clearly hears it.

At the end of the day once the appearance of a suitable fuss has been made we can only hope as citizens that once again the old ways don’t slowly creep back into play.

We can only hope that a more level playing field which would allow more suitable and constructive political applicants to rise will one day be in place.

The real worry is that if our current politicians don’t fix the house and do it fairly then the public will through our voting system make serious changes and as has been seen in the past, set in play ideologies that don’t always lead to a better world.

William Goode’s Journal – Bradley Manning-Should he take all the blame?

This was my comment to an article in the Guardian on 30/11/12 regarding Bradley Manning.


william goode bradley manning

Bradley Manning looking at a long sentence but is it all his fault?

One of the things that always stands out here to the general populace is the lax administration by the US government of the publically owned security files via the armed forces.

I’m sure the government would like Bradley Manning (there will be many more over the years) to be the focus but increasingly the public worries more about their countries secure data.

No one expects governments, anywhere in the world to be super efficient. We know government is a laborious and slowly moving vehicle that like a liner will never ever be up to the pace of the general population. It’s employees and politicians are all unfortunately caught in this pool, in positions that thankfully most of us aren’t in.
Increasingly governments in the world will be on the back foot, their model being tied to a system that to put it simply has no pace.

To expect a population to really accept that one man Bradley Manning is to blame is once again an example of a government (who ever is running it, I doubt it will change with another party as they are running the same system) that is lurking in the past.

Is it possible for governments to ever catch up? will they always be forced through their own lack of vitality and ability to imprison people in small cells and carry out what amounts to torture to correct administrative security inadequacies?

Well the answer to this thanks to the US government awakening the population to this extremly poor administrative tendancy is yes. We know they are concentrating on the man and not the system.

The security laws in this case look very much like a cover for poor clerical and administrative management.