William Goode’s Journal – Hans Zimmer

calum macdonald recording studio of the week hans zimmer 2

Hans Zimmer in his studio

calum macdonald recording studio of the week hans zimmer

Another Hans Zimmer studio shot-nice gear

Hans Zimmer is a German film composer. Films he has written music for include “The Lion King”, “The Dark Night” and “Gladiator” a few out of the 100 or so he has been involved with.

He specialises in mixing traditional orchestral pieces with electronic music.

These look to me like older photos, always fascinating to see just what the famous and successful use, and they use a lot. Now that doesn’t take anything away from the small home studio it is after all the art itself that counts.

Photos courtesy of “audiocircle

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William Goode’s Journal – Bonnie Prince Billy: Live in Melbourne-Review

Bonnie Prince Billy – The National Theatre, St Kilda. Melbourne Friday 9th March 2012

Bonnie Prince Billy or Will Oldham to his family visited Melbourne once again, six years after his last visit.

This time he was supported by the beautiful voice of Angel Olsen, guitarist Emmett Kelly (Cairo gang) and drummer Van Campbell. No bass player.

On this trip the Prince is taking in a lot more venues around Australia including a Sydney Opera House show. I never thought years ago he would be playing at the opera house. He seems to be having a growing fan base which maybe tells a little of the times. Audiences are wishing for a more involved experience and a Will Oldham show is certainly that.

calum macdonald review bonnie prince billy

The National Theatre Melbourne

This is the third time I have seen a Bonnie Prince Billy performance and each time I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed it even though the performances have been varied and different.

The big difference this time are the vocals, the harmonies are much sharper and really are quite beautiful and the guitar work shamelessly magnificent. Bonnie Prince Billy still manages almost shambolic renditions of his alt country/folk, but tighter, so much tighter with this band.

The current line up adds even more depth and beauty to the songs. Will Oldhams voice just gets better and better, he soars and winds his way through tunes with abandon and almost at times you feel the song will fall apart but it never does. It’s a clever balancing act and one Will Oldham pulls off charmingly.

calum macdonald bonnie prince billy review 2012

Inside The National Theatre St Kilda Melbourne - A bit fuzzy but you get the atmosphere

Bonnie Prince Billy is here we could guess to promote his new album “Wolfroy Goes To Town” and he performs tracks from this album and also memorable tunes from his past such as the magnificent and sad “New Partner”, performed to perfection. When will a live concert DVD appear?

On his 16 albums Will Oldham has covered alt / rootsy genres such as folk, the almost country and western and bluegrass adding his own touches, changing the genres, at times understated but always worth a listen.

He has the ability to totally strip a song down to it’s bare necessity, providing only just enough instrumentation to get his point accross. It’s this stripping down that at times makes you feel the tune will grind to a halt but it hangs in and Oldham drags it back to majestic heights taking you along for the thrill, brilliant, emotional highs that leave you gasping at times.

bonnie prince billy calum macdonald review 2012

Bonnie Prince Billy - photo courtesy of Clash Music

Quail and Dumplings” from the new album “Wolfroy Goes To Town” has a tendency to make, me anyways, hungry whenever I hear it. Strange as I don’t really feel like a quail with a dumpling, and of course the poor little quails. This song though once again has the eccentric Oldham written all over it, a strange tune but then quite a lot of his material is.

You need to work at times with an Oldham song and that is where the pleasure is, you are required to take part and should you choose this path you are rewarded and rewarded time after time. Not many songwriters manage this the way Oldham does.

calum macdonald bonnie prince billy review st kilda 2012

The sun sets on The National Theatre in St Kilda and we await another Bonnie Prince Billy concert

At his best Bonnie Prince Billy can take you on an adventure, a thrill, the journey itself is what he is about, where you end up doesn’t really matter. It always is a wonderous place however, that is the pleasure of his performances.

The uncertainty, the eccentricities were all in tonights show along with absolutely beautiful renditions of older material aided marvelously by the vocals of Angel Olsen and guitarist Emmett Kelly, great vocal additions.

calum macdonald review bonnie prince billy national theatre 1

Inside The National Theatre St Kilda Melbourne

Will Oldham seemed to be enjoying himself more than in the concerts I had seen him perform previously.

The audience certainly showed their approval I can’t personally wait for his return, hopefully quicker than a wait of six years and in the meantime a live concert DVD would be nice.

Catch him at least once in your life.

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William Goode’s Journal – Radio Electronics

calum macdonald recording studio of the week 1

Interesting Gear

calum macdonald recording studio of the week 2

Who wouldn't want one of these?

calum macdonald recording studio of the week 3

What wonderful gear!!!

In my quest to show new and old gear I trowel the web and do have to thank people for their pictures. These are from a great site you should visit Preservation Sound and I acknowledge there photos. Many thanks. Check there site out.

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